CA: An Optimal Career Option After 12th

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CA is a professional degree course which offers vast scope. You are free to choose to either work for any accountancy firm or work independently and offer your services. The moment you become a CA, your professional life changes completely and there is guaranteed success. The vast world opens up with innumerable opportunities for you varying from Banking, Accounting, Management Consultancy, Cost Accounting, Taxation, Audit, etc. all over the world. All these reasons are enough to attract you towards the financially rewarding profession of CA.

Let’s find out the reasons why CA is an optimal career option after 12th.

Eligibility & Non Gender Inclinations

  • Aspirants who have passed 12th exam from any recognized board are eligible to apply for CA.
  • There are no gender inclinations. Both the genders can apply.
  • Students with science, commerce or arts background are equally eligible to apply for CA.

Social Reputation

The competency of CA exam and nobility of CA profession make it a reputable profession. CA professionals can easily gain respect and trust in family, friends and society.

Facts vs Myths

  1. CA is all About Math
    One of the prevailing misconceptions is that Chartered Accounts is all about math. Though math is an important subject CA is a broader concept that demands a broader skill set which includes expertise in finance, technical abilities and understanding of business and its activities.
  2. CA Profession is only for Commerce Students
    CA profession is only for Commerce Students is a highly common misconception. The truth is that any student of any stream can enroll him/herself for CA. He/She can prepare and qualify all the three levels of the CA program and attain ICAI membership and work as full-time CA in any organization.
  3. Graduation is Prerequisite; only Commerce Students Can Pursue CA
    Another conception is that Graduation is prerequisite to pursue CA course. The truth is one can enroll oneself for the Foundation level examination just after completing 10+2 or equivalent by registering him/herself with ICAI. And after qualifying the foundation level program, aspirants may simultaneously apply for Intermediate level program while pursuing graduation.
  4. CA is an extremely tough course to pursue
    One of the most common myths about the CA course is that it’s extremely tough due to which many are discouraged from pursuing it. However, the truth is that though CA is a tough course; one can crack the CA exams with the right preparation, guidance and hard work.

Levels & Difficulty level

CA course has 3 different levels.

  1. CA foundation
  2. CA Intermediate
  3. CA Final

Difficulty level in CA exam is high, but you can surely overcome this by special training and constant practice. We provide special training to non-commerce students to make CA exam easy.

Career Options

There are several career options for future CA. These include:

  • Career in Accounting and Finance
  • Taxation Advisory (Both Direct and Indirect)
  • Statutory Audit under applicable statutes
  • Internal Auditing
  • Tax Auditing
  • Forensic Auditing
  • Managing Treasury function
  • Book Keeping, Finance Controller, Preparation of financials of companies, etc.
  • Banking sector
  • Consultants
  • Investment Banking- Back office and Front office

Top Recruiters

  • Private
    • Auditing Firms
    • Finance Companies
    • Mutual Funds
    • Portfolio Management Companies
    • Investment Houses
    • Stock Broking Firms
    • Legal firms
    • Legal house
    • Patent Firms
    • Attorneys
    • Trade Mark
    • Copyright Registers
  • Public
    • Banks
    • IRFC
    • Uranium Corporation of India Limited, UCIL
    • Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, CPCL
    • Airline Allied Services Limited, AASL
    • Northern Coalfields Limited, NCL
    • Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, CERC

CA Remuneration

  • CA Final Rankers
    Rs.15-25 Lakhs per annum
  • Cleared CA Final in single attempt
    Rs.11-15 Lakhs per annum
  • CA Freshers
    Rs.6-9 Lakhs per annum
  • Bharti Airtel – Rs. 12-22 Lakhs
  • ICICI Bank – Rs. 11-27 Lakhs
  • Reliance Industries – Rs. 25-45 Lakhs (Highest)
  • SBI Bank – Rs. 6-17 Lakhs (Lowest)
  • TATA company – Rs. 10-22 Lakhs
  • ITC – Rs. 10-25 Lakhs
  • KPMG – Rs. 14-32 Lakhs
  • Deloitte – Rs. 14-35 Lakhs
  • Aditya Birla Sun Life – Rs. 13-28 Lakhs
  • Hindustan Unilever Ltd – Rs. 10-36 Lakhs

Tips to make it easy!

  1. Find your weaknesses
  2. Stay up to date
  3. Manage your Time
  4. Daily Study
  5. Self-Evaluate
  6. Practice More
  7. Divide and Revise
  8. Mock Exams
  9. Be healthy

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