How CA Is A Good Career Option After 12th?

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Choosing a right career after 12th is as important as choosing the right school/institute for your study. It is essential that you must choose a career option that matches well with your interest otherwise you will never be satisfied with what you are doing in your life. It is necessary to choose the right career because rest of your life is going to depend on it. If you wish to work for firms both private & public, and you want to choose a profession where you will have an option to work in a broad spectrum of roles like Chief Executives to Financial Controllers, then you must choose Chartered Accountant (CA) as a career.

Chartered accountancy is a professional degree course which offers varying career opportunities to the aspirants in the future. Before we discuss the scope of CA as a career, let us look into the various reasons for why CA is a good career option.

  • Even after getting the professional degree for CA, you are free to go for higher education like MBA, CFA etc.
  • There is no restriction on the study hours. You need not to college to study. You are free to control the way you want to study.
  • Articleship is a compulsory part of the curriculum. It is a kind of getting practical experience while doing articleship. An aspirant is free to choose an organization and individual he/she wants to work with.
  • You are free to work with both private and public organizations or you can choose to be your own boss.
  • You are free to take breaks and sabbaticals in your career. Take a break and come back once you have brushed up your knowledge.

Scope of A Chartered Accountant Career

  • CA is free to choose their own independent practice and build their clients based on merit.
  • Socially well reputed career option with high salary scale.
  • They can also apply for job in both public and private firms.
  • They can also work under other CA or with existing firm of Chartered Accountants.
  • They can offer their services in the field of capital market.
  • Institute of CA of India is also well recognized in countries like England, Wales and Australia. So, certified CAs from ICAI can also practice in these countries.
  • Work of a CA is not limited up to number crunching and excel sheets. Those who are employed with a firm can also contribute towards decision and profit making for the firm.
  • There is always a huge demand for CA’s in the manufacturing and financial services sectors.
  • CA is emerging as a good career option for women as well as this profession also allows you to work from your home and work at your own pace & time. This is a good profession for those who are expecting or those who cannot join office as they have a bay to take care.

This is a minimum 5 years course program which demands a significant investment of time. Your dedication and hard work can only guarantee a fruitful outcome. And the moment you become a CA, your professional life is going to be a great success. Moreover, vast world with innumerable opportunities from diverse sectors will open up for you. These include Banking, Accounting, Taxation, Audit, Management Consultancy, Cost Accounting, etc. all over the world.

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